Cold Press vs Iced Coffee

Iced Coffee Vs Cold Press Coffee

What is the difference in the cold iced coffee drinks? The difference is the method used. Traditional Iced coffee have always used a imitation coffee syrup or formula to produce the cold coffee beverage. A lot have always used inferior quality beans or alternatively they have used robusta. Robusta is great for a strong hit of caffeine but can always leave a aftertaste that is quite unpleasant. With our Rocket Cold Press we use very high quality sustainable and specialty coffee beans. By doing so we put ourselves way ahead of any other cold coffee beverage to start with. By using the cold press method we also eliminate a lot of the acidity that is traditionally found in hot coffee beverages. Because of our technique we also only need a little sugar syrup to sweeten as the method has already produced such a good cold black coffee base.
Nutritional Information of Rocket Cold Press.