What Is Rocket Cold Press?

What Is Rocket Cold Press?

Rocket Cold Press is a new product made by Silipo Coffee Roasters. It is using the cold press coffee method to produce the best black cold pressed coffee. It has taken us over 6 months to perfect the Rocket Cold Press formula which consists of 3 specialty grade coffee beans roasted and blended to the right ratios. Once the black cold press has been finished after the 20hr immersion method we then balance out the right portion of milk to coffee and add a little sweetener to the mix. Our sweetener is a sugar reduction made by Rocket Cold Press ourselves from the best sugar we can purchase.
The milk used is specially ordered for each batch of Rocket Cold Press to ensure maximum flavour and longevity.

Rocket is a milk based product and has to be kept at under 4 degrees celsius at all times and is best with a quick shake and consumed iced cold.

Rocket’s future!

The Rocket is a very fast growing iced coffee product and will be backed by promotional give aways and by summer 2014 we are hoping to be moving more than 2000 bottles within the Gold coast region and 1000 to Brisbane.

Why is Rocket so important to your business?

Rocket Cold Press has been developed to be the best cold press coffee on the market. Every day on social media we see popular cafes offering cold press coffee, which may not be on the same level as Rocket but it is there for their customers. If you do not introduce this product we feel you will be missing out on the biggest coffee trend that will replace traditional iced coffees. Our trials over the past two weeks of selected accounts in Brisbane and Gold Coast have seen sales exceed hundreds in the first week and a half, just to give you an idea. Almost all purchases made have resulted in another sale the next day. Within 24hrs of the bottle being posted to social media we had enquiries from Melbourne, Tasmania and Brisbane and we have seen more than a dozen photos taken and posted on line with great remarks.